Message From Chairman

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. At last my long cherished dream came into reality. My heartiest gratitude and thanks to the Almighty Allah. I am also greatful to the authority of Health Directorate, Minstry of Health and family welfare and the University of Raj shahi for their all-out co-operation in establishing this Medical college.

It will be an ungrateful job if I don't mention the name of Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Chairman, Popular group and Prof T.I.M. Abdullah-Al-Famq principal, Popular Medical College, Dhaka for their contains guidance and support. Millions of parents of our country want to see their sons and daughters to be a doctor. But unfortunately most of those dreams never come into reality despite their childrens excellent result and exciting academic achievements only because of limited seats in the Medical Colleges. With this view in mind, Khulna City Medical College is established to accomodate those brilliant students and make them doctors with quality and strong foundation (May be this is a small step).

I want to assure the parents that the environment and facilities we shall offer to our students are safe, secure and standard to make this Medical college as an ideal one. Finally, we want to assure that the governing body of this institute will not govern rather will associate as a family member to contribute the best.

Thanking All,

Dr. Syed Abu Asfar
Honourable Chairman

Khulna City Medical College (KCMC)